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Hey kids,

Well, my week ended on a pretty awesome note.  After a rather trying work week, I settled down for my Friday night ritual of basking in the warm electronic glow of internet bloggy goodness to find that Simone from simplehealthyhomemade had given me the Versatile Blogger Award!  I am really touched (and quite frankly surprised!) since I hardly ever write on here, and to learn that there are actual people out there who are enjoying what I do write is a really good feeling.  She also said some very sweet things about me so, Simone – thank you.  You made my day. 🙂  And please, show her the love and check out her blog. Her recipes are just like her blog name says – simple, healthy and homemade, and they simply rock.  I’ve bookmarked many and imagine I will only be adding to the list. 🙂

So here are the rules for accepting the award, hopefully I do ok!

1.  Nominate 15 fellow bloggers for The Versatile Blogger Award.

2.  In the same post, add The Versatile Blogger Award.

3.  In the same post, thank the blogger that nominated you in a post with a link back to their blog.

4.  In the same post, share 7 completely random pieces of information about yourself.

5.  In the same post, include this set of rules.

6.  Inform each nominated blogger of their nomination by posting a comment on each of their blogs.

For my 15 nominated bloggers, I’ve decided to shake things up a bit.  I’ve been doing a bit more exploring and have come across some really awesome blogs that I just love to read.  This list is by no means all of them, it’s simply a matter of too many great blogs, too little space. 🙂

Northernhomesteader – homesteading in Alberta.  I love to read about how fellow Canadians are doing it, and look forward to reading about how their story unfolds.

I also live on a farm – a blog I love so much I’ve already added it to my blogroll.  Old ways, old farm and a pleasure to read.

A Year On The Farm – farming in Georgia and another pleasure to read.  I’ve requested that Julia post gratuitous cow pictures so I can get my cow fix through her vicariously. 🙂

soilentgreens – organic farming in Texas.  She hates Monsanto and makes me laugh, which are two easy ways to get into my good books.

Mr Poopers Day Out – Best blog name ever!!  Goats, knitting and on St. Patrick’s Day she posted pictures of goats wearing hats.  It’s love, kids.

Giantveggiegardener’s Blog – vegetable gardening in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  350 lb pumpkins!! 62 lb zucchini!!  An inspiration since every year I try to grow a giant pumpkin.

greenpioneerwoman – awesome food storage recipes.  I’ve mentioned them before, but her elderberry muffins are now legendary here.

mikethechickenvet – Yep, he’s an actual chicken vet!  A wealth of information and I appreciate his objectivity.

wuppenif OR what would happen if…? – homesteading near Ottawa, Ontario.  I like to read about like-minded people close to home.  Sort of like having a coffee with a neighbour.

animalfarm – a small farm in Ireland.  I daydream about going to Ireland, until then I have this charming blog.

domesticatedphysicist – another pleasure to read and a little bit of everything.  It cracks me up that she nicknamed her husband “Beard”.

thefarmingwife – cooking, food preservation and gardening on a farm in Nebraska

Just Another Day on the Farm – of course I’m going to nominate Farmgal, she’s my #1 go-to for inspiration and info.  Heck,  even the stuff I google takes me to her site.  Plus, she likes zombies. 🙂

The Milk Maid Marian – from Australia.  I have a serious soft spot for dairy farmers.

Letters From An Urban Trench – soon to be homesteading in Northern Ontario.  I look forward to reading what is to come.

And 7 completely random (but fascinating) bits of information about myself:

1.  I’ve never eaten a Big Mac.  It’s kind of sad that people are shocked when they hear this.

2.  I was once in the same room as Stephen King.  Not close enough to touch him, which is probably a good thing because there would have been touching.

3.  I cried like a baby watching Dante’s Peak.  You know, when the grandma jumps into the lake of acid to save her family….what?  It was sad.

4.  I secretly nickname everyone I know.  Mildly offensive names that pertain to personal hygiene are good (e.g. “Stinky”), while some are just offensive (e.g. “The Harpy”).  But that’s why they are secret.

5.  We once drove non-stop to Oklahoma so Mr. S compete in a world championship fishing tournament.  Saw a guy at a rest stop in Indiana in the middle of the night with clown makeup on.  Kinda blew my preconceptions of Indiana out of the water.

6.  John Corbett is my boyfriend, he just doesn’t know it yet.  Don’t worry, Mr. S is cool with it.

7.  I didn’t change my name when I got married, so technically Mr. Sandybanks has my name here on the blog.  I also chose Sandybanks as my blog alias because for some reason I think it sounds mildly dirty and this amuses me.

So there you have it.  Thank you again to Simone for nominating me, and happy reading kids!


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Oh…Christmas Tree?

Hey kids,

It’s that time of year when this little Daisy starts thinking about trees.  Now that it’s officially December I am allowing myself to start the Yuletide preparations, having steadfastly shunned anything remotely Christmas-y up ’till now because I simply can’t stand how Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year.  I’m not going to get into that because I might get a-rantin’, but instead I thought I would ask you, my lovely readers, for your input.

You see, I can’t decide on what to do about our Christmas tree this year.  I have several options, and I thought it would be fun to open it up to the big wide world and see what y’all think.

Option 1:  Buy An Artificial Tree.  Part of me feels that getting a real tree every year is wasteful.  The year that Mr. S and I were married, we were living in a cheap apartment in The City and we had next to no money and no Christmas tree.  I went on a mission to find the least expensive artificial tree on the planet (no real trees allowed in the building), and ended up coming home with a $20 Wal-Mart special that would have made Charlie Brown proud.  It was small, it was scraggly, it was made of some weird material that smelled funny when the lights warmed it up, but we loved it because it was ours.  As the years went on that little tree got put into storage, and our first Christmas here at the farm I pulled it out to put it up only to find that not one but two mice had met their maker in the box.  From what I could tell, they died from some sort of explosive device because bits of them were literally coating our poor little tree, and so it sadly went out the door.  I could buy another artificial tree and save money not buying a real one every year, but then I run the risk of exploding mice again.

Option 2:  Buy A Real Tree for Charity.  There are many organizations that sell trees to raise money, and in our area it’s the Lions.  Mr. S and I started doing this when we were still living in The City (after we started renting a tiny house) when we found a group selling trees to raise money for our local (at the time) hospital foundation.  We both agree that if we are going to buy a tree every year the money should be going to a cause, and we really like having a real tree.  We are really happy to support the Lions in particular, they do so much good in the community, most of it behind the scenes.  The only drawback is that we found out last year they get the trees from a farm many hours away.

Option 3:  Buy A Real Tree From the Local Farm.  We have a cut-your-own farm close by, and I think the Lions must be putting the squeeze on their business because I’m seeing a lot more advertising this year.  And while I like the idea of my money going to a good cause, I also like the idea of supporting a small local farmer trying to make a living growing something right here where I live.

Option 4:  Buy A Potted Tree and Plant It.  I heard through the grapevine of a place selling cute little potted trees that can be planted out after the holidays.  I really like this idea, and the thought of having a line of trees-from-Christmases-past here on the farm makes me smile.  But the place is about an hour away, and I have no real reason to drive out there other than buying the tree.  And I’m told they are so small you have to put them on a table or something, and I can’t imagine them being cheap.

So, there are my options.  Let me know what you think with the (drumroll, please) first ever Stone House Road Fancy-dancy Christmas Tree Poll!!

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Hey kids, I’m still here.  Sort of.  

When I got the idea to start this blog I had the grand idea of writing about all the things I talk about all the time to pretty much anyone in ear shot, without giving much thought to exactly when I would find the time to, you know, actually write.  It’s a conundrum I hadn’t anticipated – I either do the things I want to write about, or I write about them and…not do them?  Obviously you know what I chose.  With things winding down now I should have more time to devote to the blog, and maybe I’ll finally have some time to put into words the multitude of things swirling around in my head.  There will definitely be a post about balancing full-time jobs, commutes, family and self-sufficiency.  Trust me, I think about it a lot. 🙂

In the meantime, I thought I would show off a bit.  Friday night I found a parcel notification in my mailbox and could hardly wait for morning to get to town….

Birthday awesomeness, all the way from Germany!  I giggle every time I look at the boots – something about being a bumpkin with European flair. 🙂  I really have the best bestie ever.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need to get out back and go do the dirt thing….but now I’ll be doing it with style. 😉

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I don’t think I’ve seen this shared anywhere else, and I think it’s a hoot.  The web page for AMC’s show The Walking Dead (best show since the X Files, in my humble opinion) has a quiz where you can find out how likely you are to survive the zombie apocalypse.  Check it out here.

According to the quiz, I am, ahem,  a natural leader and will be kickin’ some serious zombie butt.  Good to know, AMC, good to know.


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