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This past Sunday I was doing a little baking, attempting to use up some of the excess stuff I have kicking around left over from Christmas (someone remind me why I bought 1 kg of marshmallows??).  Normally I don’t read the labels on processed stuff like this because I know they are full of garbage, but this one caught my eye.  I decided not to blur out the brand name because, hey, they put this crap in there, not me.

Do you see the words “sodium metabisulphite”?  That’s what did it.  Not to go into too much detail about my personal life, but I work in a lab and we use sodium metabisulphite to dechlorinate municipal water.  And we wear gloves when using it.  A little googling later I also found out it is used as a sanitizer, an ingredient in film development solution and an industrial bleaching agent in addition to the food industry’s use of it for keeping dried fruit from oxidizing (browning).  Oh, and it is also apparently really handy in removing pesky tree stumps.  And kids, as an additive goes, this isn’t even one of the bad ones.

I’ve been mulling it over the past couple of days and I’ve decided that, in general, the human race is pretty much insane.  But then again, I have been pretty grumpy lately.

I’m not even going to look at the marshmallows.


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